an online ministry for Jesus!
"I stand in awe of His Great Love!
My goal is to reveal God's Glory and share His message using my personal story! The impact of all He's done in my life is a powerful testament to His love, mercy and freedom; it brings hope and reassurance of all He is meant to be in our lives!
God's word truly is a lamp for our feet and
a light that illuminates our path."
- Lisa

Using real life experiences and daily challenges, combined with humor, scripture and possibly tears, 

you are going to get just what the title says- Authentic Truths!

Authentic Truths

Denver Based Christian Speaker

Trusting Christ ~ Living Christ ~ Sharing Christ

-Matthew 28:19-
He calls us all.
He faithfully sends the willing.

Popular Topics:

  • Breaking Barriers-Forgiveness, Fear and Other Strongholds
  • I have bipolar disorder, but it will never have me!
  • Be a Survivor
  • The strength that is GREATER than I
  • Trusting God when you've never trusted anyone
If you are interested in a down to earth, 'real life' speaker, send me a message.​

I never envisioned myself to be an inspirational speaker. I had no idea my story was inspirational until the day I began sharing it. I was called a survivor, an overcomer, but until I had a firm understanding that I was all I am because of Christ in me, I struggled over and over in life.

From the day I chose Christ in my early 20’s, I began writing about my life experiences- experiences relating to abuse, teen parenting, mental health and other topics. In 2008, I began publishing my poetry to a world-wide audience at Cross Way publications. I wrote of God’s messages as they related to my life, but it wasn’t until 2007 that I would take the opportunity to speak for a women’s retreat at a local church, and found God had given me a gift in sharing His love and redemption in my life with others.

My fiery determination to be authentic drives my deep passion for God's people and sharing His truth. Jesus did come for all, that He does desire a relationship with YOU, and that He does have plans for your life, starting right where you are- for me, that was a very lost, depressed, and hurting soul, a Bipolar Soul.

Whether you come from a ‘church’ upbringing, or have recently found Jesus Christ, we can all relate to the battles of life. I have the personal experiences to show God’s amazing power, unending mercy, and unfailing love. For over 23 years God has led me through this journey, and each and every day he has taught me what I needed to know. Whether by writing my experiences, or sharing them in small group settings, or to a larger audience, I choose to remind each and every person listening just how precious they are to God our Father, how valuable they are, and how loved they will always be.