My Goals as a Believer in Jesus!

With a fierce determination to boldly proclaim that the Lord is our Savior, and our Savior desires a relationship with us, I want to deliver a message filled with Jesus Christ. Using God's word and reflections of my personal story, I want to enrich your journey and fuel you with a reminder of hope, and acceptance in Christ.  To challenge you to remember who you are and what you've been called for in this world- no matter what your circumstances were or are, there is always a God given plan for you! I believe we can all develop a firm foundation confident that strength, hope and success rises out of a loving relationship with Jesus Christ...

Background info..

My working background is in non-profit management. As a wife and mother of four grown children, life has been busy. I've taught Sunday School, co-led adult Bible studies, as well as took a lead in Women's Ministry. I was commissioned as a Stephen Minister in 2016-living one of my life long passions- to help others where they are and listen and love along the way. I've been writing inspirational resources for over eight years.  It's nothing dynamic (not a CEO of anything, host of a TV program, star athlete..I've never even been on T.V)..what it is, is AUTHENTIC... 


I come to you offering genuine support, with real life stories, humor and emotions, combined with a respect for the God that I talk to daily, who I love without measure and that first loved me. I want you to know and believe, Jesus loves you-unconditionally, the messy, and the secret parts of you.

He desires a complete relationship with you, and you will always be loved and accepted by Him!

~Lisa Marie

Meeting and living with Jesus!
I met Jesus when I was 24. The Lord found me, saved me, and has been leading me since! I strongly believe God uses our unique life stories to reveal His glory and to draw us closer to Him. What I learned long ago was that if His intervening love could inspire me, bring me hope beyond expectation, guide my every step into His will, and bring together the broken pieces of my past to form one beautiful tapestry of imperfection, mercy, grace and forgiveness- then His love in my life could be an example to some many others! So beganAuthentic Truths!

Isaiah 40:31

but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
​They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
I have a genuine desire to communicate four things:
  • You are loved by God-whether you grew up in the church or not, He loves you just as you are!

  • You are not alone- mental health issues, abuse, neglect, marriage challenges, and parenting challenges. Let's be authentic and put it on the table.
  • To encourage growth and understanding of God's role in our lives, using His word and how it applies to our authentic life!

  • To help equip women with a confidence that they are chosen, loved and free, no matter the past!

Authentic Truths
an online ministry for Jesus!

Trusting Christ ~ Living Christ ~ Sharing Christ

-Matthew 28:19-
He calls us all.
He faithfully sends the willing.