-Matthew 28:19-
He calls us all.
He faithfully sends the willing.

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What people are sauing:

  • Your willingness to open up such personal deep hurts and griefs with such transparency and with such detail--in the hope that all of us might gain a deeper insight into the problems of depression and suicide--makes me thank God over and over again!
  • Such a good post! Thank you for sharing your heart on this word and reminding us that we aren't called to be comfortable... -Moriah S.
  • Very encouraging post to read this morning... -Stacey
  • Thank you for your transparency and vulnerabity... -Tara
  • Thank you for the challenge to rekindle the urgency of sharing God's grace and salvation. -Jackie
  • It takes incredible courage to tell your story. Thank you for sharing and letting people know that there is freedom from the chains of pain.  -Kellie
  • Great encouragement to me who is on the leadership end of this..-Tobi

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